For the Freelancers: When the pro-bono, full autonomy work is your best work...

22 days ago from , Designer, Made by Porter

Anyone here with projects you did for free while having a lot of autonomy. Was those projects your best projects? That means you asked the client to do the work for free as long as you had damn near full autonomy. That also means your paid client projects with less autonomy was not your best work.

If you had the opposite experience, meaning your best work was paid, while having less autonomy, what made it your best work? Objective results? Dribbble like aesthetics? Made it to Awwwards.com? Great communication with client?

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  • Koos Looijesteijn, 12 days ago

    In my view, my more autonomous work is better than my day job work in some aspects, but not as a whole. Working alone can create more consistent outcomes, visually and conceptually, but it often misses the point in some areas. Having the diverse perspectives that come with working in a team often helps avoiding that.

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