Inkjet or laser printer for home-office?

over 6 years ago from , Freelance UX Consultant

I just made a move from a full time job to freelance. Which means I'll be spending more time at home than the outside world. I have just started setting up my home-office & I'm a bit confused on the printer choices.

I don't print heavy graphics (I outsource print work to another agency), but I would be printing a lot of wireframes & rough mockups/POCs (in color). Apart from that I would be printing agreements/contracts & other documents. I don't think I would print more than a dozen pages in a month. I have a Macbook pro with Mavericks & I'm not looking for any super-expensive all-in-one wi-fi printer-fax-fone. I should be able to place it on my desk & print a few documents when I want. That's it.

What printer would you guys recommend? I know the pros & cons of each, what I need is a general advice from your own experience (inkjet ink drying up when left idle, laser toner leaks, maintenance issues, long-term costs, what brand/model works best etc).