• Dan GDan G, 2 years ago

    86 stories from your sites, 4 comments

    thanks for contributing to DN

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    • Andrej Dorsian, 2 years ago

      thanks for tracking me Dan. You really are something. First of all, I repost stories, which I like and which I believe bring some value. If you think, that if it does not bring any value to you, it does not bring value to any of the DN users, you are just arrogant commenter. In fact, look at you - how you keep this community alive? How many stories have you posted so far? 11. Congrats on keeping the community alive with quality trolling.

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      • Dan GDan G, 2 years ago

        soz andrey, i just have fond memories of this place being about more than people spamming their own content to make a buck

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