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  • R. Kamushken, 6 months ago

    Hey, fellas.

    I'd like to remind a community tradition as the few words intro.

    A few years ago I was addicted to data design in Figma and created an experimental design kit with data visualization and infographic templates. Fortunately, I got a few bucks after I uploaded it to Gumroad...

    Years passed and now it was grown into a huge dataviz library ever. Everything is handmade, editable, components-driven, organized. Ideal product for a perfectionist who designs data in Figma (like you and me:).

    So I've put some descriptions and exported everything into a kind of Charts Inspiration Gallery.

    If you a designer around the data this resource will help to inspire, research, and study chart usage cases.

    Version 2.0 contains dark theme, more viewports added, better styles and typography.

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