Revision Path Ep. 353: Christian Howard, narrative design strategist at SYPartners (revisionpath.com)

3 months ago from , creator/host of Revision Path

I first learned about Christian Howard via De Angela Duff, and while it may have taken a few years, I’m glad we finally had a chance to sit down for a conversation because I find his career path extremely fascinating.

Christian is a narrative design strategist, and we discussed how he uses storytelling to help guide companies through times of huge transformations. We also talked about his time teaching at NYU, how he found his way into narrative strategy via game design, the difference between strategists and designers, and what he’s doing now to help build a more equitable future. For Christian, his myriad work and life experiences have led him to design, and I think his story is captivating and will inspire you to consider what paths you can take in the future with the skills you possess. Enjoy!