• Bole ★, over 2 years ago

    Lukas, if nothing else, at least try to be original.


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    • Dan W, over 2 years ago

      Neither of these websites invented the concept and Lukas' implementation is quite different from the site you linked to. Nothing is original in web design at this point so maybe try and be a little more generous with your commentary.

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  • Mark Vogelaar, over 2 years ago

    Well this looks pretty nice. Very nice animations and it works pretty quick here.

    Not sure who your audience is: fellow designers or actual clients in grey suits?

    In the latter case there might be some usability issues. A back to home button in the top right is a bit unusual, but not a showstopper since I can also click the back arrow.

    I'm not sure about the font combination though: Two very outspoken typefaces, just feels like they don't really match visually.

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