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    I've been working on a CSS toolbox to help visually create some more advanced CSS properties - @keyframe animations, multi-layered shadows, etc.

    I just tied everything together and got it online, and I'm looking for feedback.

    I'm also looking for more ideas for tools I could add. If there's something you do regularly that could be made faster with a tool like the ones on Keyframes, let me know! I plan to keep adding more tools as I get ideas.

    A little about the project: Tools like this already exist, but I wanted them all in one place, with the same design, and I also wanted some features other tools didn't have. I also wanted to learn Vue, so this is my first project using Vue. It uses localstorage to save data and preferences - no database, supports touch & gestures, some keyboard shortcuts, and is a proper PWA that works offline. I also wanted it to be as smooth as possible, and feel as close to native as possible on mobile - so I spent extra time doing all of the design/LESS without any external frameworks.

    I would love to hear some feedback or suggestions!

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