I'm giving up on Apple. What windows computer should I consider?

10 days ago from , carlospx.com

Although I always thought that life is to short to use windows, I just can't use apple anymore. They are not the same apple as the old days. I have a recent MacBook pro with touchbar and just usb-c ports, and they aren't computers that you can rely on. They are always letting you down, and now, with almost a year and a half he just won't turn on. I can't even get my data from the HD, because you cant access the HD. Apple wants a fortune to replace the logic board of a computer that is just not well designed.

I long time mac user, so I prefer macOS than windows. I considering maybe going to Hackintosh road. I don't know. I major work on Figma, so I won't be a problem going to windows. I'm even considering using Linux (with a dual boot because of adobe products)

Any consideration or help?