Show DN: I launched the first episode of my Design Podcast and I'd love some feedback

almost 3 years ago from , Founder @neue.world

Hey community,

Been working over a few weeks to create my own podcast, firstly, because of the quarantine situation and secondly, it has ALWAYS been on my list to share my views. The main purpose of my podcast is to share the news on design tools, design article reviews, case studies and feature releases.

Considering I work on Figma, Sketch, XD, Framer, Invision, ProtoPie (just to make a few) for some of my clients. I thought why not share all the information that I read and I am aware of on a podcast so I will do the heavy lifting and all you have to do is just listen to the episodes every week.

So that's my story; I am not planning on giving this up anytime soon because I loved the experience of recording, editing and just getting some amazing feedbacks from my friends.

I feel I was ready to post something like this publicly to a community I have been with for years. Please let me know what you think? :)


In the first episode I cover the following:

  • Zeplin released an updated native plugin that fits right into Figma's ecosystem.
  • Figma announces an integration with Framer.
  • Framer announces wait-list for their browser based application - Framer Web.
  • Sketch releases a new feature called Tints, which helps override colours for symbols.


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  • Emil Edeholt, almost 3 years ago

    Fun with a new podcast! I find there is too much discussion about tooling here. So in my opinion you could avoid talking too much about software. Much more interested in stuff like: - The latest academic research in ux - Summarizations of important books/authors on design - The design process of different companies - What can ux learn from other design fields? (architects, furniture designers, fashion designers, graphic designers, product designers, etc) - If you have guests I’m much more interested in their work then their life story (not that i don’t care about people, but there are so many podcasts already doing that)

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    • Jay R, almost 3 years ago

      That is a very interesting opinion. Thanks a lot Emil. Maybe you could send me an email on namaste@uxhunt.com I'd love to get some more thoughts from you on this. And we could be on a to and fro feedback if and when you have the time :)

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