• Dan BDan B, over 1 year ago

    Cool visualization, congrats on the launch!

    I'm wondering if the current to employee engagement positioning is helpful. Wouldn't this fit more into the collaboration/learning space? Curious to hear what led you to that decision.

    (I led tech companies in the employee engagement space from 2011 to 2019)

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    • , over 1 year ago

      Hey Dan! Thanks for your kind words, and thank you for asking.

      When it comes to employee engagement, I think it's even more relevant today since a lot of people are working from home, and it's going to get even harder to communicate what you want to work with without having that sort of face-time and conversations that we have been used to. It was bad enough not knowing when a new face walked into a room, and we were unsure if they were new employee or just a client. Heh. Imagine seeing a new face on a huge zoom call :D

      With regards to the collaboration/learning space, that is in fact one of our use cases as well. We are already working with a few universities and schools to help a diverse set of people map their skills to form skills-based project teams. We've also seen a few digital meetups and hackathons find value in this.

      But at the end of it all, it will boil down to what creates business value for us to keep pushing this idea forward. We have some ideas, so we'll keep moving forward.

      I've been working with design and tech consulting for many years now during which I developed the thought behind visualizing skills to create transparency.

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  • , over 1 year ago

    We are a small team based out of Sweden and have launched a new product with a new take on how we look at skills and strengths. We hope you like it and please do share your feedback here or on the website. Much Love

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