Interview question: What according to you is the biggest UX problem to be solved?

28 days ago from , Design Lead at Agaetis Technology

In a recent UX job interview. I was asked which according to you has been the biggest UX problem to be solved? Now I should've been able to answer this but I didn't really know what to say. Hoping for some enlightenment on this question as it has been bugging me since.

For the answers let's stick to the last two decades.

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  • Erik Fanki, 7 minutes ago

    This might be an annoying meta-answer, but from a designers perspective I would say "defining what UX is"..

    Following that thought, if we let UX include how a company or service is perceived by a user in it's communication, I would say "handling inside-and-out-perspective".. Making a company cutting all the crap, being clear in what they offer through their communication. That has been a huge challenge for me.

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