What certifications should a Designer get?

12 months ago from , Four Kitchens — Senior Designer and Frontend Engineer

Assuming that a Designer should get certifications :)


  • Chris SChris S, 12 months ago

    Red Dot Design Award, designer of the month, Dribbble 100k club, blue tick on twitter, designer who knows how to code, best girl-/boyfriend

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    • Thomas RogowThomas Rogow, 11 months ago

      Even though I came here to write the exact same comment this still made coffee come out through my nose lol

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  • Jose CruzJose Cruz, 11 months ago

    I think just having the trust of your current and previous clients should work. Also, your work can speak itself.

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  • Ravi Java, 11 months ago

    It's always good to have a few certifications to show. Now these wont guarantee a job or an internship but it can become more of a conversation point with your peers or whilst in an interview. I would suggest less expensive ones like Interaction Design Foundation (IDF) (http://interaction-design.org/) or take up a basic HTML CSS course from Coursera.

    TIP: While taking these certification make sure they allow Linkedin integration!

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  • Adrian FurtunaAdrian Furtuna, 12 months ago

    In terms of UX: A license to practice design.

    Having a certification from NNg just because you had a two weeks workshop means jack shit. As long as what you design affects the life of real people design should be licensed just like medicine.

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    • S B, 11 months ago

      Design being licensed like medicine is an awful idea. Art affects people, too, maybe artists should be licensed?

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