Best Font Management App for Mac 2020

1 month ago from , Product Designer

I've been using RightFont5 for some time now, but keep running into problems. Syncing an external dropbox folder causes a ton of issues. Fonts not showing up in RightFont, dropbox almost crashing, etc. So I'm asking DN for your experiences. Typeface2 and Fontbase look interesting, but I've never used them.

What I'm looking for:

  • Able to handle a large collection (~10'000 fonts)
  • Syncing with dropbox is easy and just works
  • No need to use some proprietary system, I want to add new folders to my font folder in dropbox and the app should update automatically
  • Search fonts by type (serif, sans-serif, wide, narrow, etc.)
  • Intuitive tagging system
  • Auto-activation for figma, sketch, and CC

What are your experiences with the font manager you use? What do you like about it, what do you dislike?

Thanks for your input!

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  • Thales Ribeiro MacedoThales Ribeiro Macedo, 13 days ago

    Currently using RightFont5 here and it works nicely in a team sharing the same library through google drive. I think it also works with dropbox.

    Only downsides were when I was updating the app from v4 to v5... other than that, it's working fine.

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