Design studios that everyone should know about?

over 3 years ago from , Wellfed Creative Podcast

EDIT: Here is the list I put together after some of the notes posted here! https://www.wellfedpodcast.com/article/the-obsessive-and-ongoing-list-of-design-studios-every-design-student-should-know

Hey everyone,

So I was putting together a list of design studios as a foundation for younger designers. I realized that my list heavily weighted towards the New York area and would love to get some suggestions from all over if possible. What are some design studios that you guys reference constantly?

Here is my list so far in no particular order - Red Antler - Pentagram - Anagrama - Grand Army - 2x4 - Christopher Doyle & Co. - Perky Bros LLC - Wedge Studio - & Walsh - OCD Agency