Inside Ueno Agency Case Study Process

almost 4 years ago from , @ casestudy.club

A few months back, with an AMA here on DN with Halli, Matthew from the community asked Ueno how they build their case studies.

Halli was kind enough to link to one of their internal documents, which revealed their entire case study process.

Since I run a website about case studies, I was naturally intrigued and reached out to find out more.

The biggest take away; put your client above yourself.

Feel free to read all the insights here.


  • D G, almost 4 years ago

    Documenting the case study as the project progresses seems like a nice way to get done with case studies. It's easier said than done though. Thanks for the insights, Jan.

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    • , almost 4 years ago

      Yes, I totally agree. It's hard to match someone who has their own case study team... Taking snapshots along the way helps, it becomes easier to piece the final story together.

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  • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, almost 4 years ago

    We used to do the case study at the end of a project, but we're trying to change that. We want to make the case study more of an integral part of the project.

    interesting. for documentation, sure. but it's hard to write the story if you don't know the ending.

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    • , almost 4 years ago

      You're right. It's definitely challenging. But I think the same applies to design, where the solution is unknown (until you arrive at it). I'm guessing they do final edits post-project. Maybe I'll do a follow-up next year to hear how they're doing with this process.

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