• Sacha GreifSacha Greif, 11 months ago

    No no no you're doing it all wrong, you're supposed to announce the feature a year in advance, then release a landing page to collect emails, then make another announcement for the private beta, then release a public beta that nobody can get to work, then a week off release another landing page with a countdown, and only then actually release the feature for everybody to use!

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  • Tim SilvaTim Silva, 11 months ago

    The little onboarding file they provided is SUPER helpful. So excited to start using this in our DS.

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  • Vasiliy LeytmanVasiliy Leytman, 11 months ago

    Cool thing! But why did they didn't make separate paddings, like left padding, top padding, right padding, bottom padding? Mystery ;) and such an obviously useful thing.

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    • Nikola DurkanNikola Durkan, 11 months ago

      It's a good starting point but I agree, being able to set padding per side would be awesome :)

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  • John PJohn P, 11 months ago

    insane how low the bar is for 2D design tools.

    but glad we're finally moving forward

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  • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, 11 months ago

    this is incredibly well done. simple, flexible, intuitive. absolutely going to switch from Sketch now... if i can convince the rest of my team.

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  • R. KamushkenR. Kamushken, 11 months ago

    Now you have to decide - stay with constraints or delegate this to the auto-layout. There's no universal fit for everyone, IMHO

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  • Astrit MalsijaAstrit Malsija, 11 months ago

    Who knows what the icon set inside file is ?


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  • Jason MJason M, 11 months ago

    It works exactly how I'd hoped it would. Good job Figma team!

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  • Kyle KKyle K, 11 months ago

    This came out the day before I started refactoring our design system. I am so happy right now!

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  • Dave BowkerDave Bowker, 11 months ago

    Be good to hear if anyone has been using the AutoLayout plugin and now switching over to this, is the built in Figma solution powerful enough?

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    • Dexter W, 11 months ago

      You will need to do tests on your components if you have a design system as you refactor. It's powerful enough to handle most things.

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