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    I’m so excited for today’s Flawless Feedback 2.0 launch!

    We all know how hard it is to give feedback over live mobile applications. You can’t simply create a screenshot on your laptop, you can’t really collaborate on those screenshots and the whole thing is just tent to disappear in Slack messages.

    Back during winter 2019, after talking to numerous product companies and mobile agencies we’ve noticed simple patters – in 99% of mobile companies, designers/QAs/Project Managers leave comments on the real mobile application. By making screenshots on the phone, sending those screenshots to the laptop, annotating and sharing all of that using Slack…

    Well, I and my team saw a way we can improve it!

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    We made few clickable prototypes, shared it with 20+ designers (if one of them are reading it now, know - we love you!). In 2 weeks we changed 5 or 6 design iterations before actually building anything. By making this constant prototype-feedback-improve cycle we saved ourselves a lot of time.

    Thanks to this initial feedback from early testers, together with our engineering team, we were able to deliver first working MVP in a month or so.

    To keep the pace going we have set a goal to deliver product release every Thursday. The concept called release train when everything you’ve implemented during the week is going “with the train” straight to the users.

    After 3 months of such iteration and improvements, we had the first alpha. And sure enough, our great users have reported and requested 100+ new features which we have gladly added to our roadmap.

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    The first version was usable which is the criteria for the MVP really. After that, we move forward and after 6 months we made the product really stable.

    Thanks to the input from our users we understand missed parts and delivered on them. The biggest things are: - An ability to collaborate with the team members, commenting live apps together. - Structure feedback in projects instead of infinite feed of screenshots - Increased quality of the AirPlay stream and streaming using a Lightning cable

    When building a product it’s always good to remember that as a small team you can’t focus on everything at once. This step-by-step approach allowed us to come to the place we are right now with the product. And even tho we have a lot of thing on the roadmap and ahead – we’ve already achieved a lot.

    Of course, all of that would never happen without the dedication of our users and the support from the community. Thanks to them we can keep improving the product and making feedback process easier.

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