• Pelin Kenez, almost 3 years ago

    Hey folks!

    We've been working very hard for the past few months, talking with lots of teams to learn more about how they are sharing their design systems resources with their team. Today, we're super excited to announce Global Styleguides in Zeplin—connecting design systems to engineering.

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    • Dan OC, almost 3 years ago

      connecting design systems to engineering


      Engineers can now clearly see the component names from within a design, promoting reusability

      So the only new connection is that it is now more obvious for engineers where visual components have been reused, or am I missing something?

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  • Account deleted almost 3 years ago

    zeplin supposed to be a step for easy delivery. With the last two years of update, it just feels like a burden to upload anything on zeplin as I could easily the same anywhere else in addition other features that are actually useful. I never ever seen a single designer who are using the component library, plugins and other stuff for zeplin. I do work a lot with different teams and when I try to introduce a 'brand new' feature, everyone assumes that I need to be exorcised just because suggesting something new to their workflow. u guys gotta think out of your safe zone.

    design software scene is extremely toxic thanks to adobe and invision. maybe check what's wrong with those two behemoths and create a solution for the problems those two have.

    just my two cents tho.

    edit. also please hire a decent illustrator.

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