Abstract changelogs leave a lot to be desired

over 1 year ago from

This changelog from Abstract has useful information presented in the least useful way.

Abstract changeling madness


  • A table for text alignment?

  • Group by types of changes?

  • Group by style names?

  • Colors & icons for removals, additions, changes?

  • Any visual preview?

What would you change and why?


  • Josh Sanders, over 1 year ago

    for me and my team, we're not really worried or focused on the Non-visual changes, as these are just mainly metadata changes to the artboards and/or files, and have little to no correlation to the work up for review [collections] or the Handoff phases.

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    • , over 1 year ago

      It's not just metadata like color profiles and symbol positions. All text styles and layer styles changes appear in this area. When you're maintaining and evolving a design system, those details are quite important.

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