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  • Myriam C.Myriam C., over 3 years ago

    But in the end, even if you're designing with ethics, it's not you who decide when you're in an agency. When it's another person that give the 'yes', it's more than frustrating to see that nobody listens to you, nobody cares about ethics. I'm living this thing right now and it just put myself off my job. I love it less and less because of that and thinking about career change because I'm fed up with this state of mind after 6 years of trying to change things for a 'better web'. I mean it's 2019 and I can't even do accessible designs because they want a lighter grey and "disable people are a minority so it's not worth it". Sure I had the chance to work in a tech company and I was the one who decided what to do, accessibility and ethics were important ; but this companies are rare in the middle all of the others. I really hope that everyone will be this open-minded one day, not just some "big companies".

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