4k 27" External Monitor for UI/UX

almost 5 years ago from , User Experience Designer

Hi all,

Hope you all are doing great! I am looking for a 4k 27" external Monitor for my MacBook Pro 15". I would be very grateful if you can share your experiences with monitors and what would be best for a UI/UX Designer.

Budget: Maximum 600 euro.

Thanks you!


  • Sean SchraederSean Schraeder, almost 5 years ago

    Not a specific recommendation but I always found this article about ideal display densities informative.. Something to keep in mind! https://bjango.com/articles/macexternaldisplays/

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  • Abdelrahman G, almost 5 years ago

    LG 27UK850. Can't recommend it enough! It's a 4K IPS display and it connects to my Macbook Pro with one USB-C cable and has its own USB hub. Perfect setup if you ask me!

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  • Mike StevensonMike Stevenson, almost 5 years ago

    As mentioned grab an LG 27UK850. I have a 27UD69 which is great but the UK is brighter and has better connections.

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  • , almost 5 years ago

    LG 27UK850 it is! I just bought it, mostly because of the usb-c connection which is perfect!

    Thanks all for your recommendations! :)

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  • Braylan GrayBraylan Gray, almost 5 years ago

    Chris Do from The Futur just did an unboxing of this monitor...it may be worth a look

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  • Cory DymondCory Dymond, almost 5 years ago

    Dell P2715Q

    99% sRGB support Proven line Low price point, but a little older... specs are still comparable

    I use an older HD version of this as my secondary monitor (U2417H) and it's holding up well. I don't really need 4K for what I'm doing (mostly ecommerce sites) and I can always just drag the window over to my Mac if I really need to.

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  • Øyvind NordbøØyvind Nordbø, almost 5 years ago

    Check out this article, it'll give you some great pointers for a range of budgets. https://www.caseyliss.com/2017/5/17/retina-monitors

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  • Henrik Pettersson, almost 5 years ago

    I’ve been thinking about switching to a 27" 4K monitor too, but haven’t gotten to it yet because of the macOS ”scaling issues” mentioned. The monitor that seems most interesting to me though is the BenQ PD2700U.

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    • Lucian .esLucian .es, almost 5 years ago

      Had this one. For some reason my fans were kicking in at full speed every time I connected my macbook to it (15' inch 2017 full spec). Didn't happen with a 4k Dell.

      Tried different cables and found no fix. Had to return it.

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  • Melcom Sean, almost 5 years ago

    I never understood the point of 27 inch 4k monitors. You have to upscale your UI and thus don't have more space to work on than you had on the 1080 screen.

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    • Renārs VilnisRenārs Vilnis, almost 5 years ago

      Well OSX handles hi-res monitors very well, there is a performance hit on some scalings, but you end up with crips text.

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    • , almost 5 years ago

      Sometimes I need more space (eg. designing desktop apps), so I use a bigger resolution, sometimes I need bigger content, so I scale to a lower resolution. It depends of my needs, and I want that flexibility :) With a full HD, you stick with that resolution only.

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    • Hamish TaplinHamish Taplin, almost 5 years ago

      I don't think it's about having more space necessarily—just having higher pixel density looks nicer?

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  • Renārs VilnisRenārs Vilnis, almost 5 years ago

    Been using for over a year now AOC U2777PQU.


    • IPS /w 100% sRGB
    • vesa mount
    • rotatable
    • small bezels, good choice for multi monitor setups
    • Under 500eur


    • Monitor controls slow and awkward (but once set up, no need to touch them)
    • Slow to start on (minor nuance)
    • Design
    • BAD built-in speakers (if you even care about it, I don't, but just sayin')
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  • Jose ArnaldosJose Arnaldos, almost 5 years ago

    I'm using right now a 4k dell monitor at work but I don't know why, it makes the mouse lag a bit. Like a tiny delay enough to make the experience not so comfortable. So you maybe should look for things like that also.

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    • Mike StevensonMike Stevenson, almost 5 years ago

      What computer do you have paired with it? And how do you have it connected? If it’s running at 60hz you shouldn’t have any perceivable lag. At 30hz you definitely will though.

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