Site Design: Say Hello to the new Oven Bits(

almost 6 years ago from Ronnie Johnson, Founder at GOODFOLKS

  • Sean LesterSean Lester, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

    Hey Ronnie, the new site looks excellent!

    I was at the House of Blues recently, and I saw your office (I guess? Your logo on a window at least) from the stairwell. I was like "Ah hey, I follow them on Dribbble."

    Your work is looking great, and I'm really impressed to see an agency of this caliber in Dallas.

    Hmmmm mayyyybe I'll apply B)


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    • Ronnie JohnsonRonnie Johnson, almost 6 years ago

      @Sean - Thanks for the kind words!! We're super excited to finally have our new stuff out there. Really digging your stuff on Dribbble also. What part of Dallas are you in?

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