Bolt: Dear Instagram,(

9 years ago from Johnny Lam, Visual Designer at UC Riverside

  • Christy Lee N.Christy Lee N., 9 years ago

    Don't jump the gun. At least they're offering.

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    • Tyson KingsburyTyson Kingsbury, 9 years ago

      I was just being (or attempting) funny....'s not really an offer is it?....I mean....this is a stunt, I'm sure of it. it's not a genuine's a media stunt. No one is expecting Instagram to suddenly say 'oh...gosh..i'm're right....that's your name, obviously...whups..just an oversight...we'll move along.'.... It's a media stunt to elevate their status a show them as the plucky young upstart against the hulking juggernaught of Instagram... to be sure...they definitely DON'T want Instagram using their name...but I'm fairly sure they know there's pretty much nothing they can do about it, except a media stunt like this to draw attention to themselves and their brand, and to differentiate themselves publicly... I'm curious as to what comes next....

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