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over 7 years ago from Kevin Haggerty, ♻️

  • Nathan KontnyNathan Kontny, over 7 years ago

    Looks interesting. One of the things I've always got on my mind with anything where you want some people signing up: put some testimonials somewhere that stick out. Over and over again, conversions go way up with some social proof.

    37signals got some great conversion improvements sticking a human saying something nice about Basecamp on the homepage. We got some huge improvements on some Obama donation forms sticking a quote on the form. My wife got a ton more job interviews sticking nice things her boss/coworkers said about her in her cover letter.

    I'm sure you have some people somewhere saying some nice things about you and this product.

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    • Kevin Haggerty, over 7 years ago

      Thanks Nate - That's a fantastic suggestion. I'm working hard on improving the marketing so any feedback like this is great stuff, valuable to me.

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