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over 7 years ago from Kevin Haggerty, ♻️

  • Kevin HaggertyKevin Haggerty, over 7 years ago

    Edit Room is for design prototyping.

    • Design in the browser with real web fonts and real design production tools. TypeKit and FontDeck are supported, as well as a curated selection of Google's fonts.

    • Edit Room will create prototype-ready HTML and CSS from your design work. Designers can immediately see the result of their work in a real web browser.

    • Edit Room automatically creates flexible layouts, and gives you the power to add custom breakpoints and immediately change any styles or layout for different document widths. Responsive design has never been easier.

    I'd appreciate feedback in the following areas:

    • Signup flow and landing page, especially the writing.
    • Interface, especially the design editor controls.
    • Pricing.

    Also let me know which of these features to work on next:

    • Collaboration - project sharing among teams
    • Versioning - design snapshots that you can roll back to
    • CSS Animations
    • Filter Effects and Masks
    • Vector Shapes - (svg upload or editor of some kind)
    • Drag n drop asset upload and embedding

    Some background: I'm the solo designer/developer, I've been working on this my nights and weekends (and early mornings!) as a bootstrapped side project.

    I truly believe it's a better way to design for the web, and I've been using it extensively for both the app design itself (all static pages and the controls have been designed using Edit Room itself) as well as client-type work and a general idea sketchpad.


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