• frank kolodziejfrank kolodziej, over 9 years ago

    The linked site is straight-mapping the time to hex. So 15:52:04 becomes #155204. So the r will never go above 23, and the g/b will max at 59 (because it starts at 0). That excludes quite a bit of the 16.7 million possible colors.

    Another way to do it, which the Flash version might be doing, is taking the h, m, or s, getting a percentage of that value based on its max value, like 15 / 23 = 0.652, then multiplying that by 255 (the total number of color values per r, g, or b), which, if you did it for all three, would be rgb(166,225,17), or #A6E111.

    Or maybe they’re not mapping to rgb, but rather something like HSL?

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