Ask DN: A developer wanting to progress in visual design

6 years ago from Ben Howdle, Freelance Developer & Designer

  • Helen TranHelen Tran, 6 years ago

    I would probably stay away from just learning a software app or browsing websites to learn design. If you want to learn how to become a better visual designer, the fundamentals of design are what you should brushing up on.

    Typography, grids, and colour theory are your basics. Start reading the primers that cover that. Most of what you see on Dribbble, while (may be) very nice, occasionally lacks understanding of the fundamentals and copying them would be a bad way to learn.

    You could probably learn a lot from print work alone, even if your work is primarily on the web. Also, the fashion industry tends to be more innovative in it's use of typography and grids, so there is a lot to learn in that space.

    UI components aren't a good way to start. Everyone can learn how to make a box. The best designers build systems not boxes.

    Yes, it's possible to be a hybrid, but it will take time.

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