Ask DN: How do you lead your team?

over 6 years ago from Rick Butterfield, Developer at Shout Digital

  • Tom WoodTom Wood, over 6 years ago

    My best project managers are the ones who understand the process and the time things will take on average. If they know that it takes "x" amount of time to amend some assets, that really helps.

    Second, positive re-enforcement cannot be underestimated - however having high standards (which you yourself reflect by being very organised, having detailed project plans and spreadsheets) is essential, as your designer will sense the standard they need to adhere to.

    Third, understand that you are not the only busy person in the project chain. The ability to be the buffer between the client and your designer may at times be very difficult, and your designer thanks you for it, but if you can transmit a feeling of serenity at all times you will get a better working team out of it. This also has the added benefit that the one or two times that you are seen to be panicked, and you need things doing in a rush, your designer is more likely to respond positively to that need.

    It's an art, and in about 10 years of this I've only ever had about 3 genuinely superb project managers.

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