Why Designers Should Do Their Own Usability Tests(blog.simplease.at)

over 8 years ago from Daniel Winter, Designer & Developer

  • Nick MNick M, over 8 years ago

    Really, "testing hypothesis" means testing whatever is quick enough to articulate a potential solution to an already-articulated design problem. That potential solution could be as small as a copy change or as big as a layout change. It depends on the design problem you're encountering.

    The approach itself is qualitative, hence the "Lean." The objective is to get to a hypothetical solution as quickly as possible, qualify or disqualify it on its merits, and then refactor to stabilize as needed.

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    • Stefan RösslerStefan Rössler, over 8 years ago

      Thanks for your explanation. I definitely take a closer look at "testing hypotheses". I'll try to "google" the rest myself … thank you very much :)

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