Macaw hits 1.0, now available(

9 years ago from Manik Rathee, Eng Manager @ Google

  • Jesse HaffJesse Haff, 9 years ago

    Macaw looks so promising, but it's buggy to the point of being unusable for me. Containers will suddenly take up an entire height or the grids will all light up one color or another and stay that way, etc. Looking forward to it getting on more solid footing.

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    • Chris MousdaleChris Mousdale, 9 years ago

      Yup - i'm experiencing the same thing. funnily enough, when I publish - it looks more like I expected. I also find that working with breakpoint really breaks the rendering of the editor too. Containers will move, and items will lose their position. Shame. If they iron these out - it's a great prototyping / proofing app.

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