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9 years ago from Seth Kasky, Designer at Deskpass

  • Casimir MorreauCasimir Morreau, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    Hey guys,

    Just want to chime in, these are further progression of a trend the economist recently did a whole piece on:


    "Even if new jobs and wonderful products emerge, in the short term income gaps will widen, causing huge social dislocation and perhaps even changing politics."

    These trends are much wider than design or media, and the coming 10 years will be a rough time, for lots of industries...

    We can all aspire to be like pentagram or wolf ollins, and charge top dollar, but in reality a lot of design/work is for the middle class & smaller companies... Most of this will be replaced and automated.

    For example: Alt text

    They predict that 99% of all working accountans will be redundant in the next 2 decades...

    So i'll be happy not to have an accountant, but will the accountant be happy?

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