Squarespace announces new logo builder(blog.squarespace.com)

9 years ago from Seth Kasky, Designer at Deskpass

  • Todd Smith-SalterTodd Smith-Salter, 9 years ago

    I don't disagree with your sentiment. Squarespace have strategically placed themselves in the design marketplace as a product to do-it-yourselfers. In the scenario you've described above, I would be happy to send a family member or friend to Squarespace to create their own logo. I do have a problem when anyone insinuates that creative design is on the same level as a simple tool as this one.

    When you want a new chair, you have several options before you: 1. Buy a chair from a box store (Ikea, etc.) 2. Buy a chair from a craftsman 3. Make your own chair

    Unless you're a craftsman yourself, or have the knowhow to fake it until you make it, your chair is going to be technically deficient to both options 1 and 2.

    If you have the money, which means you likely don't have time, you're going to buy a chair.

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