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11 months ago from John da Maia, Building Makers and Zecoda

  • John da Maia, 11 months ago

    Hey DN, I'm excited to share this one.

    As a web developer and designer I'm always looking to simplify my messages with illustrations. According to Simon Thorpe et al [0], it takes people an average of 150ms for a picture to be processed and 100ms more to understand its meaning. This means we can convey our message much easier with some kind of visual system.

    The process of finding and using illustrations frustrates me. I'm never sure if I'm infringing copyrights or if I have to add confusing attributions to the artist or platform... I've found several interesting libraries but .svg format (where I can change the illustrations to fit my needs) is often paid.

    So - as a designer I have a bunch of illustrations sitting on my hard drive - I decided to make ilustra [1] this weekend to give them away for free [2] and help solve this problem.

    I'd love to get your honest feedback. Is this needed?

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