My book "Generating Product Ideas" is out(

7 months ago from Artiom Dashinsky, Product Designer, Author & Maker

  • Artiom DashinskyArtiom Dashinsky, 7 months ago

    Hi DN,

    You might be familiar with my previous book Solving Product Design Exercises. Today I'm launching a new one :)

    3 years ago I made a switch from being a designer to work on my own projects full time. Today every skill for building a product can be learnt online — coding, design, marketing — besides one: generating new product ideas.

    I'm sure that some of you want to build your own business eventually or start a side-project that might become a full-time job one day.

    In my new book, I share 17 highly actionable techniques for coming up with ideas for a business, indie startup or a side-project. It also helps to find niches and prioritize the ideas. You can read more about my story here.

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