New iPad Pro(

10 months ago from Raphael Loder

  • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, 9 months ago

    the 11"model ($800) with keyboard ($300) will cost you $1100.

    the 13" macbook air costs $1000.

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    • Jordan DorleyJordan Dorley, 9 months ago

      In my opinion, purchase is justified by intended usage vs price at this point. I shifted to working on a Mac Mini since my MBP can no longer handle the tools i use for development, so it essentially sits around until I need it for a meeting or something.

      I use my older iPad Pro far more than my laptop to browse the web on top of illustrating in Procreate. I'm looking forward to trading in my iPad and MBP towards this. I'll get an updated iPad (no more fearing my Apple Pencil breaking while charging in the lightning port...) and an even more lightweight "laptop" to carry to meetings and such.

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