• Radley MarxRadley Marx, 12 months ago

    UX: marketing messages, product descriptions, and app functions are all mixed together on almost every page. I strongly recommend separating the app from the marketing pages. It will give you space to explain how and why without getting in the way of actually using it. I think stuff like "Why is it sometimes hard to concentrate?" would be better served as part of a blog / newsletter.

    Design: your imagery is ok. I recommend replacing the emoticons, they clash with your icons and illustrations. The capitalized header text feels old school. Responsive layouts work great.

    Value: you certainly believe in the app, but you've buried how the different parts work together. What are the benefits, beyond points and badges? More importantly, what makes Yourganize different (& better) than the all-in-one systems that already exist?

    Hope this helps!

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    • Jamie Gilman, 12 months ago

      This is great Radley, thanks so much for taking the time to have a look and respond!

      Yes I've had similar feedback on moving the messaging to a blog. Interesting comment on the capitalized header, I've not heard that before.

      I'll review your thoughts looking over the site again, particularly about the buried messaging and unclear benefits.

      I'm very grateful for your input, thank you!

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