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1 year ago from Fedor Shkliarau, Independent product designer. Worked on Zero Fasting and Oak Meditation

  • Fedor Shkliarau, 1 year ago

    Thanks Taylor!

    I get your point but I don't agree with it :) If you imagine a funnel of getting a design job, my portfolio does a good job to get people interested in learning more about my work/process. In that case, I have a separate deck that I usually show during design/portfolio reviews where I dig deeper into the process, research, users, etc.

    Hiring managers don't usually spend on a portfolio site more than 1-2 mins, so I don't see a reason doing a full-blown long read on every detail of the product design.

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    • Taylor PalmerTaylor Palmer, 1 year ago

      I'm one of those hiring managers :). It's good that you have separate deck (since that's what I would want to go over in portfolio review) but I would be hesitant going through this while screening your portfolio but not seeing any mention of customers.

      It's great that your portfolio is working well for you! I'm mostly mentioning this for other readers who might think about mimicking your style: I would be looking for a stronger representation of user awareness and empathy, even if only briefly mentioned.

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