Just launched the first stage of my side project - reserve your user ID now! ⚡️(everch.at)

over 2 years ago from Erik Fiala, Co-founder, CEO @ Bond (bond.so)

  • Erik FialaErik Fiala, over 2 years ago

    Thanks! They're made by a fellow designer Brett Will https://scribbbles.design

    Wickr is end-to-end encrypted, which is both great but also painful when it comes to scalability. It only works well in groups up to couple of tens of users, maybe hundreds. We're taking a different approach - a hybrid of server-side fan out and end-to-end encryption which will be scalable to unlimited users per channel. The algorithm will of course be open-source, but it's still being developed, so we're not confident enough yet.

    Also, we see Wickr as an alternative to Slack, and us more of an alternative to reddit/Spectrum, but with higher privacy and security, especially in private channels.

    Thanks for supporting, and if you have more questions, please go ahead

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