"We're going to improve DN" *crickets*

1 year ago from Aaron Wears Many Hats, Front End, DevOps, Graphic Design, System Architecture, Social Media, Fabrication, Mechanical Engineering

  • Alex HoffmanAlex Hoffman, 1 year ago

    The website itself is just fine. The problem is that it's been bombarded with self-promoters and spammers who most likely use several accounts to boost their posts to the top. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with self-promotion. But when people post their ecommerce agency's website for shameless self-promotion, that's when it becomes spam.

    They tried to solve for that but introducing a downvote button, but the haters and trolls ruined that.

    I'd like to see what ideas the community has other than complaining and hitting the upvote button to give themselves a virtual pat on the back.

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    • Ken Em, 1 year ago

      The community has given their ideas in previous topics on this. DN isn't going to change until they decide they want to change. As it is now, they seem perfectly fine with the site being a spam dumping ground.

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    • Catalin CimpanuCatalin Cimpanu, 1 year ago

      Correct. About 90% of the bans I dish out are for blatant self-promoters, low-quality (listicle) submitters, and voting rings rather than actual off-topic spam.

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