• Carlos SousaCarlos Sousa, 1 year ago

    It all depends where you are on your product. Which phase of the product are you? Fixing, Optimising, Innovating?

    Fixing - You don't really understand what your user's basic expectations are and you need to understand these first. At this stage I would recommend a lot of user interviews and lab sessions.

    Optimising - This is mostly where you want to test prototypes, remotly or in situ. At this point this is all about, am I going in the right direction. You can also do surveys to understand what drives users to your product and what are you missing. What prevents them from purchasing, perhaps a survey on key converting steps. Also after the conversion is done, sometimes successful users can give you pointers where to look into.

    Innovating - This is mostly about blue sky exploration. A lot of conversations, design sprints, testing concepts and willing to pivot very quickly. You're trying to understand what's the real thing users are trying to accomplish, even if it isn't 100% clear to the user.

    You will want a combination of qual/quant studies to complement information. Quant will give you a lot of what's and Qual will give you why's.

    I can go on much more details if you explain what you're trying to accomplish.

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    • Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, 1 year ago

      I think this is very relevant and should be answered first, in order to give you valuable and tangible answers, OP, because it makes a huge difference when you do user research.

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