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over 1 year ago from Jon Darke, Design Director at MyBuilder

  • Dan BDan B, over 1 year ago

    So true.

    I also like to use Career → Relationship analogies in those cases.

    To me this is the equivalent of:

    "What would you say to the opportunity of being with the same partner for 5 years?".

    Uh… so many variables need to be clarified: 1. Does it seem like an interesting situation for you? 2. Do you see space for growth? 3. Is the timing in your life good? 4. Is "commitment" what you're looking for right now? 5. etc etc

    It all comes down to self-awareness.

    Assuming you have great self-awareness: just go with the flow and explore iteratively. ;-)

    The goal isn't to stay at a place for X years. It's to be fulfilled by what you do.

    "On your death bed, you’ll realize that your real resume won't be on Linkedin, it will be three short lists: 1) the challenges that taught you something 2) ways you found to help other people 3) interesting things that you will have tried despite being out of your comfort zone. The rest barely matters."

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