Any success at coworking spaces?

almost 3 years ago from A Paul, Lead Designer

  • Gokhun GuneyhanGokhun Guneyhan, almost 3 years ago

    I worked at 4 different WeWork locations (London) in a year, I've to say their 'support/management team' is rubbish and it is way overpriced (but yeah they've the best interiors).

    If you'll go for it, make sure you have a decent discount, especially if you're thinking to rent a shared room rather than a hot desk - most of their buildings are actually empty so they just do classic sales techniques with telling you 'there's a special discount this week but it ends tomorrow' and they're too busy and don't have any place for the next 2 months. I got a 30% discount for the first 6 months, and then because they failed to give me a key for 4 months, they offered 6 months free membership when I wanted to leave.

    When it comes to networking, I guess it really depends on you. I'm not really the type of person who attends events just for the sake of meeting new people. But still, I managed to get 3 clients (all found me through the members' network) and made a lot more than what I actually paid. You can access to the network by paying 50$/month, which will also give you free access to any building once a month and you can pay 25$/day if you want any extra days - so you can try it out for the first months if you're not sure about it.

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    • A Paul, almost 3 years ago

      Oh interesting, I've been trying to get a good discount but they won't budge. The best they will do is offer me a 5% discount if I sign for 6+ months, but it's still more than my budget. I'm looking at a private office though, so maybe that's why.

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