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over 3 years ago from David Barker

  • Weston VierreggerWeston Vierregger, over 3 years ago

    My problem with Framer X is that I feel it lacks a true POV. As a design tool, it's reasonably featured and makes creating basic interfaces a breeze. I personally designed a multi-page website in Framer last winter, and it slowed down considerably with around a dozen content-rich full-page artboards BUT I did enjoy working in Framer for the most part (the "Graphic" workflow, to create an icon for instance, took some getting used to but was great conceptually once I got it... similarly the "Stacks" are INSANELY powerful when designing UI, and I like Framer's approach here better than Anima's stacks in Sketch, personally)

    However, on the prototyping side, it's also only "reasonably" suited for the task. The code-driven workflow here, to me, was actually a step back from the original Framer Studio -- which I felt was actually a more straight-forward product.

    As it is now, I'd prefer Framer X did one of these VERY well rather than do both of these "good". If anyone remembers Pixate, I would much prefer prototyping and motion control tools like that amazing product featured. On the flip side, if Framer X were more like Framer Studio on steroids -- e.g. fully fledged design-centric React IDE that relied used a Sketch file as input -- then it'd also have a welcome place in my workflow.

    As it is now, I feel like the Framer's code persona too obtuse and it's design persona too limited.

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