Introducing Framer Playground(

over 3 years ago from David Barker

  • Matt C, over 3 years ago

    They've always marketed themselves as a mobile design solution which honestly just isn't that interesting. Peeking at it now after a year or so I see they're doing more than that, but they've really hindered themselves with their terribly boring marketing.

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    • joe andersonjoe anderson, over 3 years ago

      Curious what you feel is terrible/boring about their marketing?

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    • Jrtorrents Dorman , over 3 years ago

      I agree with you ! They seem to forget that not ever designer works on mobile.

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    • Justin Fraga, over 3 years ago

      I'm doubly confused-- why do you think Framer was geared towards mobile? React is not very relevant to mobile at all (React Native ≠ React), and if Framer X is going to be a game changer for anyone, it's web designers who work on a team that uses React in their tech stack.

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      • Matt C, over 3 years ago

        Google "Framer x" ... 90% of the designs you see are mobile. Their entire thing has been mobile for like the past 3 years. Have you ever used Framer?

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