How to find a junior UI/UX designer job?

almost 2 years ago from Rachel Li , UI/UX designer

  • Mikael StaerMikael Staer, almost 2 years ago

    Do you have a portfolio you can share with us?

    I think it's tough for juniors in UI/UX/Product Design these days. When I entered the professional field, it was still early enough that just knowing about web and apps meant you were leaps and bounds ahead of most people and were almost by default "senior." And this was only about ten years ago.

    Since UI/UX jobs are often (mostly?) in the tech startup world, senior level is what companies are looking for, because they need someone who can hit the ground running and deliver quickly at a high level.

    Agencies that do more traditional graphic design and/or a mix of services for a range of companies are typically better at hiring juniors.

    Without seeing your work, my advice would be to apply to higher level positions anyway. If you can present yourself as someone who has the skills and apetitite to learn and grow (good communication skills are key here) but not the years, I'm certain you could land something that is "above your level." Fake it till you make it. In my opinion, junior vs senior is really just years of experience; put another way, there are many people with 10+ years experience who have junior level skills.

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