Realtimeboard is now MIRO

3 years ago from Luke B, Illustrator and ux designer - /

  • Luke BLuke B, 3 years ago

    Just to be on the same page, I'm referring to this design (that was before the current one) and looks like this:

    And you are right there is nothing wrong with influences, I was more curious if this is something that is starting some kind of trend in web design like we saw with illustrations last year. Does Slack go with real photos because the market around them was oversaturated with that style or something else?

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    • Steve O'ConnorSteve O'Connor, 3 years ago

      Ah interesting, I hadn't seen that styling. Thanks for posting. Odd to change again so quickly.

      Slack are playing around with mixing photos, illustrations, and patterns, and there seems to be a move to collages. It's certainly a style I appreciate. I would imagine that they want to move away from the Upsplash look that everyone now uses :)

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