• Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, 4 years ago

    Still not a single email client focused on regular personal use as opposed to email-junkies and business people.

    Google Inbox is the only email service that ever gave me an actually pleasurable experience cleaning out my inbox on a daily basis. Why doesn't anyone else group emails by day, week, month? Why doesn't anyone else use website favicons and colors to quickly id who sent an email?

    I don't want fancy AI analysis of my email to determine priority. I just want a toggle to group by date or sender. I want a button to archive those groups all at once after scanning through them. I want simple searching of my attachments and images. I want to be able to choose between an inline image or an attachment.

    How is it that the most promoted email clients for personal use (Airmail and Spark for example) are just slightly fancier versions of old school email? Snooze is not that big of a deal, give me a better UI.

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