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  • Jonathan Li, over 4 years ago

    On that note, should other ethnic groups have their own version of too?

    These social problems are largely shared by many other ethnicities, and building a site that is limited to only one ethnic group is divisive in nature because you're limiting it to one group of individuals only.

    If black people aren't being hired because of the colour of their skin, do you think a website that focuses only on black people would help raise that awareness to non-black people that are hiring? Would a non-black person visit this site without knowing about it? If a non-black individual went to your site and hired a black person, isn't that just "checking a diversity box"? That to me doesn't really sound as though we're solving a diversity issue, it's just a "black" issue only; but in reality, there are many other issues that we grapple with together.

    Frankly speaking, everyone goes through some form of prejudice, but it's up to the individual to prove otherwise. I personally don't think a website that advertises itself as a singularly inclusive community will help that much towards your cause towards the bigger picture of diversity.

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