over 4 years ago from Wes O'Haire, Product Designer at Dropbox. Previously Hudl

  • Rhys MerrittRhys Merritt, over 4 years ago

    I think this is a very interesting topic, and judging by a few of the comments, an important discussion to have.

    I feel like society is going through big transitions at the minute when you look at it on a certain timescale, like decades. We are going through a difficult time trying to figure out how we can create a much more inclusive world, and it is important to be able to try things out, and discover what works and doesn't work.

    I don't know if this approach creates a bigger divide by re enforcing the idea of putting people into 'categories' instead of focusing on changing collective mindset to be more open and inclusive, or if it genuinely works by bringing focused to an under-represented group who have dealt with prejudice in the industry. I haven't witnessed this kind of prejudice myself (knowingly) - but I'm sure it happens more than we would like to think. So whatever the actual outcome of this approach, I'm definitely glad people are doing things like this to try and improve the state of things.

    I think things regarding this topic are insanely more complex than surface level discussions like this - so I feel like these will always be hot button issues on the internet where we communicate in snippets.

    All things considered, I like this idea - even though at first the use of the word 'blacks' made me a bit uncomfortable.

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