A new logo for Unsplash(medium.com)

over 4 years ago from Vlad Solomakha, Product Designer @ Preply.com

  • Andrew C, over 4 years ago

    It still looks like a camera to me. The older style w the big ass flash.

    I liked the rationale. The rebrand is overall stronger than the generic camera icon, but still ultimately too generic. A rare miss by Mackey Saturday.

    For the icon itself the uplifted square almost looks like an i or something... but it has no adherence to a grid. And the general glyph is abstracted beyond meaning. That's why there's 6 "things" people see in it.

    The brand treatment is also quite generic as a knockout over a photo. That approach actually makes sense for Unsplash (which focuses OTHERS creativity). But recently both Squarespace and Uber used this exact approach in their refreshes. The last thing you want in a big brand redesign is a "also-ran" feeling. At least this rationale wasn't claiming to embody the spirit of NYC or some bs like Squarespace tried.

    Love Unsplash—and it's better than before, but ultimately still a bit too generic for me.

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